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Get Top-Grade Fertilizers for Plants in Kamloops

Red Eye Garden Supply Ltd is located in Kamloops and you’ll get nutrient-rich fertilizers to ensure that the seeds you sow will flourish tomorrow. At our store, you’ll get a comprehensive range of top-quality fertilizers or growing aids that give the commercial gardener or the homeowner the tools to achieve their vision.

Nurture and Protect Your Plants

Your plants need specific nutrients and our fertilizers contain just that. Fertilizers that we sell are specially formulated with all the essential primary and secondary nutrients that are mostly present in the soil. At our gardening store, we sell Quick Grow products that are made with the best quality products and under the highest manufacturing standards.

Quick Grow was scientifically developed in the year 1991 for all hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic, soil/soilless, sphagnum peat moss and rock wool growing mediums. Quick Grow is a three-part complete formula that can be used with most vegetable, fruit and herb crops for professionals or hobbyists who’re growing to maximize high yield production crops indoor or outdoor. You can also use our product to grow cannabis.

Our fertilizers provide consistent nutrition to help your outdoor garden or indoor plants stay healthy and gorgeous for all seasons. Our superior fertilizers products and growing aids include:

Power Boost B-1

This product was formulated from research studies done in commercial greenhouses. Researchers found using this product not only helped with stress relief or transplanting, it helped with rooting seeds and cuttings to initiate strong growth patterns when vegetating or flowering. The natural hormones derived from North Atlantic sea kelp combined with Vitamin B-1 create a healthy metabolism for any plant to produce higher crop yields. Use this product from start to finish of your plant's life cycle.

Power Boost B-1 can be used in any growing medium, soilless or hydroponics as a foliar feed or additive to your recipe. Using Power Boost B-1 in foliar applications will help keep your plants strong, lush and healthy.

Liquid Carbo Blaster

Scientific researchers developed Liquid Carbo Blaster from quality and complex carbs to emulate the natural carbohydrate profile of plants. It is designed to help enhance size, girth and quality while supplying carbohydrates in critical flowering periods when carbohydrates are needed most. It is also proven to help increase sweetness.

Green Keep

Use Green Keep to reduce yellowing leaves during cloning prior to root development. Green Keep enhances growth in young plants during the vegetative cycle. Growth enhancement allows young plants to reach their maximum potential, increasing nutrient, CO2 and 02 uptake.

  • Feed to cuttings before root development
  • Rejuvenates yellowing leaves back to green
  • Enhances vegetative growth

Oxy Science

Oxy Science (H2O2) is composed of hydrogen and oxygen except that it also contains an extra oxygen molecule. This extra molecule is the active ingredient that helps stimulate protein production within a growing plant.

When used properly, there will be a dramatic difference in the plant structure and growth patterns. When using Oxy Science, you are adding the extra oxygen molecules directly to the root zone area creating strong, healthy growth. Keep Ph value between 5.5 to 6.5.

Propagation Plus

Propagation Plus was scientifically designed for rapid root growth production. It allows propagating plants to maximize the ability to absorb their nutrient uptake. With over 60 naturally occurring hormones and enzymes, Propagation Plus ensures a phenomenal beginning which will bring back a healthy, heavy harvest.

Honey Gold

Honey Gold is extracted and refined from humic acid. It provides tiny organic molecules and also works as a natural chelator, penetrating the root surface. It enhances the plants’ ability to uptake nutrients and oxygen through the roots, increasing crop yield. Working as a natural catalyst, it increases the enzyme activity, plant strength and reduces overall plant stress.

Black Gold

It has been long established through the scientific community that the use of Black Gold has many positive effects on plant growth. Black Gold is an all-natural humic acid catalyst from Leonardite Mines. Using Black Gold produces lusher foliage in the vegetative state, enhances overall bud development and increases horizontal root development by 30%. It also increases nutrient uptake for larger crop yield and assists in soil manageability.

PH Up and PH Down

PH Up Potassium Silicate is made from the highest and purest quality ingredients and is proven to increase every concept of growing. A well-maintained Ph level will increase overall plant production. PH UP Potassium Silicate is a plant growth solution containing silicate in its oxide form of potassium. This product provides additional silicon and potash while improving heat and drought tolerance and increasing cell wall stability for any growing medium.

PH Down is made from the highest and purest quality ingredients. The Ph of the nutrient solution has considerable influence on crop growth and needs constant monitoring and control.

Quick Flush

Quick Flush is a high quality root flush that will help remove unwanted nutrients and toxic buildup in flowers, fruit and leaves. Use this product where flavor and aroma are essential in the final phase of any harvest. It can be used for plants that have been over fertilized as well.

Heavy Flower

Researchers studied the growth pattern of fruiting and flowering plants and they found when using this product it dramatically improved flavour and aroma due to higher essential oil production.

Researchers also found there was a yield increase with firm, larger girth size due to the higher phosphorus levels.

Root Start

This is used for propagating new plants from stem and leaf cuttings. This gel formulation stimulates rapid root growth with softwood and hardwood cuttings. Root Start has a fungicide to protect against soil borne diseases caused by pythium.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood is made from the purest quality minerals that are derived from the mines of Nigel Israel. These high quality minerals should be used once flowers are established for increased flower set and enhanced floral development. Royal Blood also helps initiate the beginning stages of essential oil production.

Rock Solid

Greenhouse and field research has proven that using a special potash formula in the later stages of fruit, flower and vegetable crops will initiate the swelling of production plants requiring high potash levels for maximum density and size development. Potash can be used on its own and with other fertilizer blends to maximize crop yield and overall quality.

Terra Series Products

Terra Series: Pro-Grow Vegetative Cycle 20-20-20
Part 1 Pro-Grow plant nutrients is custom-blended for soilless/soil growing mediums. It has high essential minerals for rapid foliage and structural plant growth.

Terra Series: Pro-Bloom Flowering Cycle 15-35-15
Part 2 Pro-Bloom plant nutrients is custom-blended for soilless/soil growing mediums.

Terra Series: Pro-Yield Rooting & Late Flowering Cycles 10-60-10

Use Part 3 Pro-Yield two weeks before root leaching begins for a balanced final phase of diet to produce higher essential oils and fragrance for late flowering and ripening.


Botanicare offers the most comprehensive family of hydro gardening products available. We manufacture a complete line of hydroponic fertilizers, supplements, grow substrates, grow systems and plastics for every level of hydro gardening enthusiast.

General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics is a leading innovator in the field of hydroponics with factories in North America and Europe. Our products are used by NASA in preparation for hydroponics on the International Space Station. Numerous laboratories and universities throughout the world use our products for teaching and research; other clients use our products for commercial crop production as well as high-tech gardening.

Red Eye Garden Supply Ltd carries a full line of General Hydroponics fertilizer and growth enhancement products.

Advanced Nutrients

The only company that understands your need for high yielding, fast-growing plants! Our products and our company have been featured in leading magazines. If you’re using fertilizers made by other companies, you’re losing yield and wasting money. Why? Because their products were not designed for the crops you grow. We’ve got a team of top scientists working night and day to make products that will make your grow room produce more and more for you. The crops you grow have special needs that only we have discovered through rigorous testing. And we’ve designed products that give your crops exactly what they need.

Dutch Master 

Dutch Master was born in 1998 through the need of a guaranteed, high quality range of hydroponic nutrients and additives. I had a vision and implemented the vision through to a final product. My design brief was simple! Use the best available chemicals, with the best available water and mix it all using the best available equipment and the latest, state of the art technologies!


B1 is produced in the foliage of plants and transported down to the root system where it has an effect on root growth and development. In tissue culture and rooting preparations, B1 helps to stimulate the growth of roots on new plants but this is best used in combination with rooting hormones. B1 can assist at any time in a plant's life with root regeneration where the root system has been damaged or stressed through high salinity, pathogens such as pythium, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities, high fruit loading etc., but only if the foliage of the plant is unable to produce sufficient supplies for this purpose. Use of B1 is seen as a 'back up' or 'insurance policy' as it is difficult to determine if a plant which has come under stress is capable of producing sufficient B1 to send down to the root system to assist in cell development. Use of Vitamin B1 in plants is the same as in humans - it is most useful where a deficiency exists for some reason. B1 is best applied as a seed soak to speed up germination (root growth), or as a foliar spray.

Red Eye Garden Supply Ltd carries the brands you know at prices that can't be beat.


Here at Red Eye Garden Supply Ltd we carry a large variety of quality organics. The purpose of organics is to produce and practice ecologically sound organic gardening.

Feeding the soil organically will encourage the activity of organisms that "give back" a bountiful harvest.

From dry powders and amendments, liquid additives to all in one fertilizers, we have the selection that will satisfy even the most informed and experienced organic gardener.

At Red Eye Garden Supply Ltd, you’ll discover great prices on the top brands of fertilizers and growing aids. Be sure to ask our well-informed staff about the right product for your application. Contact us to learn more about our quality fertilizers. Also, bring us your best pricing from any competitor and we’ll meet or beat it guaranteed.

Fertilizer is the Secret

Our fertilizer will make your plants and herbs grow faster.

Growing Aids


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