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Get Top-Class Plant Grow Lights in Kamloops

Red Eye Garden Supply Ltd offers a variety of grow lights in Kamloops. We sell top-quality lights that come in many shapes and sizes. Using indoor plant lights helps you grow low foliage plants, indoor tropical plants, cannabis, flowers and more that’ll bloom all year-round, as well as letting you harvest easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs. Get in touch with us for more details.

Get Reliable Grow Lights and Accessories

We carry high-intensity discharge (HID) light systems that aid plant growth with increased light exposure. Grow lights make it easy to cultivate plants indoors; they replicate the sun’s rays and can be adjusted according to the needs and requirement of your plants.

High-intensity bulbs come in a variety of colour variations; generally blue spectrum light is used for vegetative growth and a red spectrum for flowering plants. We also sell metal halide bulbs with a 6k temperature, high-pressure sodium bulbs with a 3K temperature, fluorescent lights and more. We’ve got a full line of brand name grow bulbs and accessories like:

  • LED lighting systems

  • Grow bulbs

  • Fluorescent lighting and fixtures

  • Core and coil ballasts

  • Kits and replacement parts

  • Ballast controls

  • Reflectors and lamp shades

  • Light movers/track systems

  • Timers and lighting control systems

  • Task lighting and light meter

Digilume DE 1000W
Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE 120-240V Fixture

We provide all the premium bulb brands such as Phillips, Sylvania and Hortilux, Ushio and more including a full range of premium fluorescent lighting. Get in touch with us to choose the right intensity and the right colour bulb for vegetative or flowering spectrum.

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